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Stock Trailer Giveaway during 2018 WNFR

After a couple weeks of "Hoof and Nailing" down the details, the Bucking Horse Breeders Association, in conjunction with the World Futurity Association are proud to announce we will be giving away a 2018 Calico 20' Stock Trailer in a draw at the 2018 World Futurity Finale. This will take place at the Benny Binion's World Famous Bucking Horse and Bull Sale at the South Point Equestrian Center during the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas on December 6th, 2018. The Benny Binion's World Famous Bucking Horse and Bull Sale is a sponsor of this trailer as well.

Initial eligible entries into the draw will automatically be all dual current members of both the BHBA and the WFA in 2018. Also, each time you enter a BHBA registered colt and compete at a WFA event, you will receive another entry into the draw. The more registered colts you enter at each event will be more entries into the draw and better chances of winning the trailer. Remember, your first entry into the draw comes from purchasing a membership in both the BHBA and the WFA.

We are pretty excited about this opportunity for bucking horse breeders that both want to buck their colts in the WFA AND have them registered in the BHBA.

Don't forget to get your memberships online @

We in no way require you to have dual memberships or to DNA register your horses in order to compete in the World Futurity Association or to get to the 2018 World Futurity Finale. This offering is an extra opportunity for those breeders and contractors who do belong to both associations. We are offering this trailer draw WITH the Bucking Horse Breeders Association as they have been supporting the dummy bucking and rider horse industry since their inception several years ago, and we are more than pleased to continue that great relationship we have with them.

We are looking forward to an exciting season ahead based on professionalism, integrity, and a whole lot of bucking enjoyment as we get these prospects of ours "built up, trained up, showed up and off to “bigger” arenas where they have the opportunity to excel at what they were bred to do!"

Blessings and Prosperity!

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