Sandhills Classic Bucking Horse Futurity

Johnstown Fairgrounds

Johnstown, Nebraska

August 22nd, 2020


World Futurity Association classes:


Dummy classes buck @ 9:00 am - Rider classes buck at 1:00 pm

2 year old & 3 year old dummy classes

***NEW*** Yearling dummy class (limited to 12) @ 12:00 noon

**Yearling class, please book in with Laurie, first 12 entries will be accepted**

4 & 5 year old Bareback @ 1:00 pm

4 & 5 year old Saddlebronc @ 1:00 pm

***NEW*** The Best Remuda:  Contractor with the best string of horses - combination of 3 classes, must include 1 rider horse

Added money in Yearling class is $200 w/AUCTION of horses @ 12:00 noon  SALE HORSES

(Limited to 12 colts, 10% of sale to Sandhills Classic Bucking Horse Futurity- horse must go into sale)

Added money in 2 year and 3 year old classes is $1,000 each

Added money in the Bareback & Saddlebronc is $2,000 each

Added money for Riders is $5,000 combined (split per BB to SB riders)


Entry fees:

Yearling Class - $100

2 year old Class - $200 

3 year old Class - $250

4 & 5 year old Bareback Class - $300

4 & 5 year old Saddlebronc Class - $300

The Best Remuda - $200

Payback is 80% on all classes

Rider entry fees are $100 per ride with 100% payback

Championship Halters awarded for 1st place horse in each class.

Championship Halter to The Best Remuda.

Championship Buckles awarded for 1st place rider in each class.

Riders, please contact Bob Alberts @ (402) 760-0396 or Joe Waln @ (605) 515-0257 to enter.

Contractors:  please do your best to bring riders for your broncs, contact Bob or Joe if you have any issues.

Contractors, please bring water tub and feed, water will be provided.

Entries and WFA fees ($35 per horse) must be done online.

If you have any questions, or need help to register your horses for the event, please let Laurie know and she will get you set up.

You will need your membership number to register, if you haven't received it yet, please contact Laurie @ (780) 623-8734 or email

Event information, please contact Bob Alberts @ (402) 760-0396

Camper Hookups available at the fairgrounds (402) 382-0005

Hotel information in Ainsworth (10 miles East of Johnstown)

Rodeway Inn (402) 387-1050 - Futurity bookings are 10% discount

Super 8 Motel  (402) 387-0700

Registration Closed

Registration closed August 20th


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