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Clarity about DNA Registry for our Members

A note to all our members:

There has been some discussion regarding genetics testing and DNA registration of horses competing in the World Futurity Association.

We are a privately-owned Association by Joe and Laney Waln and David and Laurie McDonald. Our two families have worked hard to build this Association to enable our members an avenue to have their bucking horse programs promoted, marketed and showcased. We would like to clarify that we ARE NOT affiliated with, nor endorse any registry organization not limited to, but including the BHBA (Bucking Horse Breeders Association) and the ABHR (American Bucking Horse Registry).

We have built our Association for our members to help promote, market and grow their programs while maintaining the highest level of integrity and transparency. While some breeders and contractors are DNA registering their horses with different Registry Associations, the World Futurity Association will NOT require animals to be registered with ANY Registry in order to compete OR qualify and compete at our Finale.

We know the costs associated with raising bucking horses all too well, and we also realize the amount of time, effort and expenditures it takes to get these horses down the competition trail in order to showcase each member’s program out there, so the added expense of a DNA requirement is not for us to put on our members. We haven’t worked this hard for this Association to benefit our members, to lock them into something that is mandatory and not beneficial to what we have set out to do.

We will continue to work hard to do exactly what our two families have set out to do: have a whole lot of bucking enjoyment as we get these prospects of ours built up, trained up, showed up and off to “bigger” arenas where they have the opportunity to excel at what they were bred to do!

Thank you again for believing in us. If you have ANY questions whatsoever about our Association, please do contact any of the four of us.

Feel free to look around our website, we have our Rule Book on the main page as well, which gives our competitors and event producers valuable information.

Blessings and Prosperity from our families to yours!

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