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Event Results and Standings

Event Results

1st Annual Stettler Bucking Horse Futurity
Stettler, Alberta  April 6th, 2019

WFA Stettler 2 year olds.jpg
WFA Stettler 3 year olds.jpg
Miles City
World Famous Miles City Bucking Horse Sale & Futurity
Miles City, Montana  May 17th, 2019
Mile City 3 year olds.jpg
Mile City 4 or 5 yr Saddlebroncs.jpg
Mile City Mature Saddlebroncs.jpg
Mile City Team Placings.jpg
The Daily Record Bares & Broncs
Ellensburg, Washington - May 18th, 2019
WFA Ellensburg 2 Year Olds.jpg
WFA Ellensburg 3 Year Olds.jpg
WFA Ellensburg Bareback.jpg
WFA Ellensburg Saddlebronc.jpg
Basin Bucking Horse Futurity
Duchesne, Utah - May 26th, 2019
Basin Bucking Horse Futurity Yearlings.j
Basin Bucking Horse Futurity 2 Year Olds
Basin Bucking Horse Futurity 3 Year Olds
8th Annual Foothills Bucking Horse Futurity
Cochrane, Alberta - July 13th, 2019
WFA Foothills SB and BB.jpg
WFA Foothills TEAM Results_Page_1.jpg
Wainwright WFA Futurity
Wainwright, Alberta - July 24th, 2019
WFA Wainwright 2 Year Olds.jpg
WFA Wainwright 3 Year Olds.jpg
Kiowa Results
The Big Time Bucking Horse Futurity
Kiowa, Colorado - August 2nd and 3rd, 2019
Kiowa WFA Claiming Class.jpg
Kiowa WFA Yearlings.jpg
Kiowa WFA 2 Year Olds.jpg
Kiowa WFA 3 Year Olds.jpg
Kiowa WFA Barebacks.jpg
Kiowa WFA Saddlebroncs.jpg
Faith, South Dakota
Faith Stock Show & Rodeo Bronc Futurity
Faith, South Dakota  August 7th, 2019
WFA Faith 2 Year Olds.jpg
WFA Faith 3 Year Olds.jpg
Moose Jaw Results
Moose Jaw WFA Futurity
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan  August 24th, 2019
WFA Moose Jaw 2 Year Olds.png
WFA Moose Jaw 3 Year Olds.png
2nd Annual Newell Bronc Match
Newell, South Dakota   August 30th, 2019
WFA Newell 2 Year Olds.png
WFA Newell 3 Year Olds.png
WFA Newell Saddlebronc.png
WFA Newell Saddlebronc TEAM.png
Red River Rough Stock Challenge
Duncan, Oklahoma   August 31st, 2019
WFA Duncan Yearlings.png
WFA Duncan 2 Year Olds.png
WFA Duncan 3 Year Olds.png
Whiskey Bent Roughstock Futurity & Rodeo
Harlowton, Montana   September 7th, 2019
WFA Whiskey Bent 2 Year Olds.png
WFA Whiskey Bent 3 Year Olds.png
WFA Whiskey Bent Bareback.png
WFA Whiskey Bent Saddlebronc.png
Johnstown Nebraska
Sandhills Classic Bucking Horse Futurity
Johnstown, Nebraska   September 21st, 2019
WFA Johnstown 2 year olds.png
WFA Johnstown 3 year olds.png
WFA Johnstown Bareback.png
WFA Johnstown Saddlebronc.png
Vernon Texas
2nd Annual Buckin' on the Red
Vernon, Texas    September 21st, 2019
WFA Vernon Yearlings.png
WFA Vernon 2 Year Olds.png
WFA Workbook 3 Year Olds.png
Beechy Western Days Bucking Horse Futurity
Beechy, Saskatchewan   September 28th, 2019
WFA Beechy 2 year olds.jpg
WFA Beechy 3 year olds_Page_1.jpg
6th Annual Broncs in the Bakken
Watford City, North Dakota   October 12th, 2019
Watford City Results
WFA Watford City Yearlings.png
WFA Watford City 2 Year Olds_Page_1.png
WFA Watford City 2 Year Olds_Page_2.png
WFA Watford City 3 Year Olds_Page_1.png
WFA Watford City 3 Year Olds_Page_2.png
WFA Watford City 3 Year Olds_Page_3.png
Red Deer Classic Results
1st Annual Red Deer Classic
Westerner Park, Red Deer, Alberta   October 30th, 2019
WFA Red Deer Classic results.png
WFA Red Deer Classic team results.png
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