World Famous Miles City Bucking Horse Sale & Futurity

Miles City, Montana

May 17th - 18th, 2019


World Futurity Association classes:


Team event:  1 - 3 year old dummy bucking horse

                       1 - 4/5 year old Saddlebronc horse

                       1 - mature (6-9 year old) Saddlebronc horse


Added money is $6,750 for the team event
Entry fees are $1,000 per team
Entries and WFA fees ($105 per team) must be done online.

Added money for cowboys is $3,250, entry fees are $50 per ride.
Members, please bring your own riders to ensure all horses will be covered.
Register early as there is a 20 team limit.

Members, at least ONE of your horses from your team must go into the sale, you can also enter all three if you like. Please specify which horse(s) will be going to the sale portion.

Payout will be as follows:

Horses - EACH class in the team (3 yr dummy, 4/5 bronc & mature bronc) will payout 1st - $1,000, 2nd - $750 and 3rd spot $500

The entry fees (20 teams x $1,000) will pay out the aggregate of the team to 5 spots. (1st - $7,000, 2nd - $4,400, 3rd - $3,600, 4th - $2,800 and 5th - $2,200)

Cowboys - each class of the rider events (4/5 bronc & mature bronc class) will pay out 3 spots each as follows: 1st - $1062.50, 2nd - $637.50, and 3rd - $425
​Cowboys, please call or text Joe Waln to enter (605) 515-0257 



 Saturday, May 18th @ 10:30 am - 3 year old dummy bucking class

 Saturday, May 18th @ 1 pm - 4&5 year old SaddleBronc class

 Saturday, May 18th @ 3 pm - Mature SaddleBronc class

 Saturday, May 18th after WFA Futurity finish, Sale portion with video replay.

If you have any questions, or need help to register your horses for the event, please let Laurie know and she will get you set up.  You will need your membership number to register, if you haven't received it yet, please contact Laurie @ (780) 623-8734 or email

Event information, please contact Craig Miller @ (406) 951-2939


3 Year Old Class

1st  Art Francis'  #618 Rain Water - bay stallion 85.25 points

2nd  Ace Northcott's #605 bay filly  82 points

3rd  Groundbreaking Rodeo's #64 grulla filly  79 points

4/5 Year Old Saddlebronc

1st  Headings Rodeo's #-409 Big Easy - bay gelding  82.5 points

2nd  Kling Rodeo's #471 Grey Smoke - grey gelding  81 points

3rd  Jackson Rodeo's #505 bay gelding  74.5 points

Mature Saddlebronc

1st  Burch Rodeo Company's #808 War Bridle  85 points

2nd  Soap Creek Buckers' #3CH Stargazer - sorrel gelding  79 points

3rd  Kling Rodeo's #311 Bail Bond - gelding  77 points


1st Kling Rodeo

2nd Groundbreaking Rodeo

3rd TT Bar Ranch

4th Jackson Rodeo Co.

Cowboys - 4/5 Year Old Saddlebronc

1st  Josh Davidson

2nd  Alan Gobert

3rd  Shane Bird Rattler

4th  Ian Fugere

Cowboys - Mature Saddlebronc

1st  Lane Schuelke

2nd  Houston Brown

3/4th  Josh Davidson

3/4th  Ty Manke

Congratulations to all the winners as well as all the competitors!  It was a snowy, rainy, muddy day, but all persevered!  Well Done!

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