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We have a common vision...we want to see bucking horse breeders have a venue to compete with their young buckers, be it 2 & 3 year old dummy colts to the 4 & 5 year old Bareback and Saddlebronc horses, and be able to bring them along the way to get them to where we all want to see them... in the big shows, bringing cowboys to the pay window, making the stock contractors proud to pack them, and having long and successful careers. 


Our venue - the amazing event producers that enjoy watching and sharing with others - the Bucking Horse!


David McDonald



Cell:  (780) 623-0443

Laurie McDonald



Cell:  (780) 623-8734

David & Laurie's Background 2018

David: People sometimes ask me how long I've been in the bucking horse business.  I joke with them and tell them I was born beside a bucking horse colt.  I wasn't, but they have been a part of my life right from day one.  

My wife Laurie and I have been raising bucking horses together since the early 90's.  My dad Robbie MacDonald got me hooked on loving and breeding bucking horses.  My dad and his three brothers, Barnard, James and Alex produced amateur rodeo's back starting in the 60's and that's where the original 4B half diamond brand was formed that my brother Billy now has.  When I went on my own, I purchased the MX bar brand that we operate under today.  Our ranch is located in northeastern Alberta, Canada.

Laurie and I started our program with 4 mares, a stallion and 7 weanlings out of what I helped raise growing up.  With mares purchased from Alex Piche out of Hobbema, AB and several stallions from Clyde Roasting also out of Hobbema, we kept building our program up.  These were horses that I used to get on when I was riding, and I knew they would be great additions to our program.


Laurie and our three kids, River, Julianna & Matt have worked hard and dedicated a lot of our time in our bucking horse business to bring it to where it is today.  Some of the MX Bar futurity colts we sold that have gone on to make it to the NFR are Black Coffee, Alberta Child, Hylo Hills, Black Knight, and more on the way.


We love our animals and the people we meet through this industry.  It has taught us a lot along the way, and we want to help other breeders have the opportunity to realize their dreams of getting their horses to the big shows and watching them succeed for years to come.  


On January 11th, 2021, our founding partners, Joe and Laney made it official that they were moving forward with other adventures with their family and would be leaving the World Futurity Association.  From David and myself, we wouldn't have the WFA established to what it is now, without the four of us stepping out and rising to the challenge of working on something we all believed in. We have all been through so much, especially this last year, and we are so very grateful for the bonds we have created that will never be broken. We both understand what it takes to sow into our kids at very important times in their lives, and we will never regret doing so with our own, and know Joe and Laney will never regret it either. Our kids are all our future!


This is a letter from them to you:

Laney and I have enjoyed our time promoting and working to help build the bucking horse industry and the World Futurity Association. It has gave us opportunities to meet and make relationships with so many people. At this point in our lives, our kids are number one and we want to focus more of our time to enjoying their success. We will be stepping out of the WFA and our partners will continue on. David and Laurie have been outstanding partners and worked very hard to ensure a future for the bucking horse breeders big and small. They will continue to do this with the World Futurity Association. We wish them the best of luck and all members who have supported this from day one.

Thank you,

Joe and Laney Waln

Joe Waln


Laney Waln


Joe and Laney's Background 2018

Joe:  Bucking horses have been part of our family for over almost 60 years now. My uncle, Joe “Bad” Waln started producing rodeos in late 60’s all the way up to 1989 when my dad, Jeff Waln, took over. My parents really became more focused on raising bucking horses in the late 90’s when two studs were born on the ranch.

Dad had a good mare that Bennie Beutler hauled for a year and bred to Commotion, she had a stud colt which we named Devils Commotion.  At the same time, Dad bought an older mare that came from Tooke’s. She also had a stud colt which we named Baby Blue .  These two studs are what my parents based their breeding out of. Uncle Bad had a true passion for bucking horses which he passed on to my dad and then onto my brothers and I. I picked up at my first rodeo at the age of 13, and fought my first bull at 15.

     In the fall of 2009, our family’s lives were changed forever when my dad was in a 4 wheeler accident that took his life. Knowing she needed to make changes, my mom decided to sell the rodeo stock.  At that time, my wife Laney and I bought several mares that came from them and started our own breeding program.

            Laney and I own a ranch in south central South Dakota, where we run a cattle operation and Laney teaches middle school. Our greatest accomplishments however, is our 5 kids. Bodey (12), Billy (10), Madilyn (8), Rei (6) and Saya (3).  We spend most of our weekends at the kids events, basketball and rodeos, as their 4H rodeo careers have just begun.

    We believe deeply in the Bucking Horse industry. Our goal is to create a platform for Breeders to compete and grow their programs while improving the industry.

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