Cabin Fever Futurity

2 locations:


United States

Date:  May 1st to May 10th


World Futurity Association classes:


2 year & 3 year old dummy classes BY VIDEO

Location 1: Canada
Location 2: USA


Fees $165 plus $35 WFA fee
Entries are from April 20th-April 30th no late entries

Colts must be bucked between May 1st- May 10th. Videos of the colt entered must be one from each side, the same as would be a physical judge position at an actual event, those two videos of colt will be submitted. PLEASE SUBMIT VIDEOS VIA TEXT TO LAURIE @ (780) 623-8734 or email

One of the videos must have video'd the brand number (or markings if can't see brand clearly) of that colt and then pan out to take in the trip to verify colt. Submission of the colts will be due on May 11th. No late submissions.  

Videographers:  please be sure to hold phone horizontally to video (wide view not tall view) and zoom in on colt so video is clear and lighting is good.  Remember, judges must be able to have a clear view of colt bucked in order to give an appropriate mark.  Contractor, please review WFA Rules prior to bucking your colt.  All rules apply.  WFA Rule Book

All colts will be viewed by two separate judges and video will be viewed only once and no replay of any colt video unless there is a technical error. Scores will be recorded immediately. Upon completion of this, results will be posted. WFA points will count from this event and all WFA rules will be followed.  Colts are bucked for 6 seconds.  Results will be posted for Canadian Members and American Members separately as two events and payouts will apply.

Please note: we will all have to follow our local jurisdiction's requirements for number of people gathered in one place, etc to comply with legalities of our current 'crisis'. Please be mindful of that when choosing a time and place to buck your colts.


You will need your membership number to register, you will need to purchase your membership​ and will be provided your 2020 number, if you haven't received it yet, please contact Laurie @ (780) 623-8734 or email

Event information, please contact:   Joe Waln @ (605) 515-0257

Registration Closed

2 year old draw judging order

Cabin Fever Futurity 2 year old draw
Cabin Fever Futurity 2 yr old draw.jpg
Cabin Fever Futurity 3 year old draw
Cabin Fever Futurity 3 yr old draw.jpg

3 year old draw judging order

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