2020 Year End Champions

2020 Yearling Year End Champion
TM Ranch & Rodeo's #947, a roan stallion
2020 Yearling Year End Buckle
TM Ranch & Rodeo's Yearling #947's bling
2020 2 Year Old Year End Champion
TM Ranch & Rodeo's #8947 Chigger, a strawberry roan filly
2020 2 Year Old Year End Buckle
TM Ranch & Rodeo's #8947 Chigger's bling
2020 3 Year Old Year End Champion
Gerry & Jessica Byrn's #715 Stockyards, a dun paint stallion
2020 3 Year Old Year End Buckle
Byrn's #715 Stockyards' bling
2020 Bareback Year End Champion
Dorenkamp Land and Cattle's #L51 Jesse James , a line back dun stallion
2020 Saddlebronc Year End Champion
Kling - Headings Rodeo's #547 Double Agent, a bay stallion
2020 Ironman Year End Champion
Louis Brunson with 146.5 points.
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Congratulations to all our 2020 Champions!!!

Our top 2 year olds:

1.  TM Ranch & Rodeo's  #8947  Chigger - strawberry roan filly   53.5 points

2.  4 R Rodeo's   #802 Shot Gun Willie - paint stallion  51.0 points

3.  Shot in the Dark Buckers'  #836 He's Got Tricks, black gelding  50.5 points

4.  Smith & White Bucking Stock's #84 Clyde - sorrel gelding  49.0 points

Our top 3 year olds:

1.  Gerry & Jessica Byrn's #715 Stockyards, dun paint stallion  59.0 points

2.  Real Bird Bucking Horses' #789 Tuco- grey, bald face gelding  52.5 points

3.  Siklenka Bucking Horses' #93 "A Few Dollars More" - bay filly  51.0 points

4.  Dwayne Pillman's #D777Monster's Ink - grey gelding  49.5 points

5/6.  4-E Bucking Horses' #752 Mile High - bay, bald face gelding  49.0 points

5/6.  R Spade Buckers' #705 Cut Ties, sorrel gelding  49.0 points

Building Better Buckers 

We have a common vision...we want to see bucking horse breeders have a venue to compete with their young buckers, be it 2 & 3 year old dummy colts to the 4 & 5 year old Bareback and Saddlebronc horses, and be able to bring them along the way to get them to where we all want to see them... in the big shows, bringing cowboys to the pay window, making the stock contractors proud to pack them, and having long and successful careers.  Our venue - the amazing event producers that enjoy watching and sharing with others - the Bucking Horse!

World Futurity Association

Joe, Laney, David & Laurie

567 Smooth Criminal
Chirrikawa Grande Centre Pro Rodeo
MX Sunrise 444
MX Foggy Mountain 1993 LRA Finals
Hylo Hills Taylor Broussard San Angelo 2017
Waln Gringo Joe
Miss Daisy
Spotty Crop
Chirrikawa Grande Centre Pro Rodeo
Spotty Crop2009SB
Waln 737 Little Angel
Slick 820 w Bill Tutor June 2017
MX Mary 374


We are proud to showcase our members and contributors!

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